Providing Landlords with Great Customer Service

Belmont Housing launched our new Landlord Outreach Program in October 2016. We started by sending an online survey to our landlords to determine how we’re doing and what needs to change. Over 350 landlords completed the survey.

One of the needs we identified was creating a forum for landlords to share their input and ideas with Belmont online. So we built this blog for which this is the first post. Any Belmont Landlord can register for free and post to the blog. The goal is to create a platform for landlords to communicate with Belmont and with each other to share ideas, contractor info and related issues.

In January 2017, our Belmont Housing senior management team met with a couple dozen Belmont Landlords at our office. For nearly two hours these landlords, who collectively manage thousands of WNY rental units, asked questions of our leadership team and made suggestions on how to improve our service to landlords. We took copious notes and built a plan to deliver the services that our landlords want. More on that in future posts!

Based on the results of our landlord survey, we have built a training schedule for 2017. Our trainings and events are scheduled on Tuesday evenings 5:30-7:30 PM. The next blog post will include that schedule. Our first two training classes have filled up quickly so be sure to RSVP to your free training invitations right away!

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