What is the FSS Program?

• The Family Self-Sufficiency Program is for families that receive the housing choice voucher rental assistance through Belmont. FSS Coordinators work with families to help them achieve their goals of financial independence including going back to school, getting a better job, finding full-time employment, improving their credit, or purchasing a home. 

How does the FSS program work?

• Individuals and families enroll in the FSS Program for a period of five years. At the beginning of the program, participants meet with their FSS Coordinators and create a goal plan that reflects whatever it is that they would like to achieve while they are enrolled in the program.

• Once enrolled in the program, your FSS Coordinator will work with you to help you achieve your goals.

Services Include:

• One-on-one credit counseling

• Help with creating a budget

• Job search assistance

• Financial education workshops

• Homeownership counseling

• Referrals to agencies based on your individual needs




Did you know there are new & improved changes to the FSS Program? Watch the video below, or contact an FSS Coach to learn more!