Help families and individuals find and maintain affordable homes

Our housing redevelopment projects are focused on providing safe and affordable housing opportunities to first time homebuyers. We partner with the City of Buffalo, the City of North Tonawanda and other municipalities where we successfully rehabilitate vacant properties which are then resold at market value. This past year, we rehabbed over 200 in the City alone. Additionally, through our homebuyer workshop educations series, we help educate and prepare first time homebuyers for the process of purchasing and closing on their first homes.

Make homes healthy and safe

With WNY being home to eight of the zip codes highest for lead poising in New York, we are committed to partnering with Erie County to implement the Lead Hazard Control Program, a low cost initiative available to qualifying families, property owners, and day care providers. Through our participation in the Green and Healthy Homes Initiative of Buffalo, we have been able to provide a no-cost resident education program to low-income households. The Green & Healthy Homes Initiative is a public-private partnership between the federal government, national and local philanthropy, the National Coalition to End Childhood Lead Poising, and local partners.

Expand and construct new rental opportunities for those in need

Through our Housing Choice Voucher Program and Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH) Program, we are able to help families, seniors, and veterans secure affordable rental housing. In 2019, our Section 8 voucher program made over $30 million in rental assistance payments providing assistance to over 6,000 families per month. In addition to our voucher programs, we manage 21 rental properties throughout WNY for seniors, individuals with disabilities, and families. Service Coordination is also available to our residents, linking them to various resources within the community.

We are also committed to expanding affordable housing opportunities throughout WNY through new construction and the adaptive reuse of existing structures. Since we started developing affordable housing in 1982, Belmont has built over 1,500 rental and single family housing units totaling over $120M worth of new construction in the community. Our Development Team is fortunate to have excellent working relationships with local, state and federal partners that provide a collaborative approach for financing and supporting the projects we deliver throughout the region. To learn more about the previous projects Belmont has constructed please click here.

Empower through education and counseling

We are proud to be the Buffalo-Niagara Region’s largest HUD-certified housing counseling agency advising over 2,500 households annually. Building financial capability helps enable individuals and families to achieve long-term goals and empower themselves as they embark on the path to financial security. Our educational programs include finding affordable rental opportunities, buying a home, financial management, foreclosure prevention, home maintenance, energy efficiency, and green and healthy behaviors.