At Belmont, we believe lives are changed when families and individuals have a safe, healthy and affordable place to live and grow.

Founded in 1977, Belmont Housing Resources for WNY is now a leading advocate for quality affordable housing. Our many programs and services support the families across WNY who need it most.

• We provide services to over 15,000 low-income households annually;
• We generate over $25 million in rental assistance payments to property owners annually
• Leverage an average of $10 million in affordable housing development funds per year;
• Administer $10.2 million of community development programs; and
• Manage $73.1 million of assets.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to expand affordable housing opportunities throughout Western New York.

We share a vision of the positive impact our organization can have on the community. By successfully implementing our plans and achieving our full potential, we are able to fulfil our mission, and help to change lives here in Western New York.


United Way Works / Welfare to Work / Life Skills

Belmont counselors travel to five different community centers each week to provide rental counseling and to teach financial education and life skills. Participants generally have very low incomes, almost no earned income, and most tend to have tenuous housing situations. We provide basic financial literacy training—understanding budgets, credit cards, payday loans, needs vs wants, etc.—as well as information about identity theft, fair housing, banking services, eating healthy and getting the most for your grocery dollars, saving energy and job training programs. A number of other human service agencies partner with us on this program and provide guest speakers. The result of this training has been increases in housing stability, some participants have established banking relationships and others have taken advantage of job opportunities.

Green and Healthy Homes Initiative

Under a contract with Community Foundation of Greater Buffalo, we provide individual counseling and education to families participating in the Green and Healthy Homes Initiative, a national program that uses a holistic approach to address the health, safety and energy efficiency of the family and its home. Our housing development staff coordinates construction and rehab activities, while our housing counselor makes a home visit to provide information about behaviors that may help to improve the family’s health and safety. The counselor also identifies any wasteful energy activities and offers solutions to those problems. Finally, the counselor is prepared to offer financial coaching to any participants who wish to avail themselves of the service.

Buffalo Promise Neighborhood

Parents of students attending Children’s Academy are invited to participate in the Parent Achievement Zone (PAZ) coaching group. This two-generation approach provides children’s programs focused on nurturing their healthy development and services for their parents that concentrate on job skill development, improved parenting skills and increased financial security. Partners in this venture include Erie Community College, Buffalo Urban League and Buffalo Public Schools, and the Annie E. Casey and Westminster Foundations provide funding. Belmont’s role is to provide financial coaching and education to the participating parents.