Section 8 Participation - Why Participate in the Housing Choice Voucher Program?

Long-term tenants – reduced turnover.

A majority of assisted tenants remain in the same unit for a number of years. Quality affordable housing leads to a more stable rental history and reduced turnover expense.

Extensive pool of prospective tenants.

Vacancy listings on our website and in the Housing Resource Center reach hundreds of renters, both assisted and unassisted.

YOU choose your tenants.

Landlords have full discretion in tenant selection within the guidelines of the Fair Housing Act. We even provide previous landlord contact information for your prospective tenants to assist in your screening process.

Timely and guaranteed subsidy payments.

Housing Assistance Payments are disbursed via direct deposit into your bank account.

Protection against tenants' loss of income.

If your tenant experiences a decrease in their household income, their assistance increases so the tenant can afford to stay in your rental unit.

Help maintaining your asset.

Initial and annual inspections ensure property meets basic standards for quality housing. Check out our “Get it Right the First Time-A Guide to Inspections”.

Personal satisfaction of providing decent, affordable housing.

Quality affordable housing has been shown to have a significant positive effect on health and educational outcomes of its residents. By maintaining your property, managing it well, and making it affordable you contribute to the well-being of our community.

Belmont Housing Resources for WNY, Inc. is committed to professional administration of the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program and to a mutually beneficial partnership with area landlords.

Stop into one of our offices and meet our staff. Visit our Housing Resource Center located at 1195 Main Street in Buffalo for practical information on various topics of interest to property owners such as information on lead-safe practices and property management.

We look forward to seeing you!



HUD's minimum property standards for the Housing Choice Voucher Program.

Every unit must pass an HQS inspection before rental assistance is initiated, and then annually.

To Schedule an Inspection

Call 716-884-7791 or e-mail your request to:

Types of Inspections

Initial Inspection

• Conducted prior to start of rental assistance.
• Scheduled approximately 7-10 days after Belmont approves the Request for Tenancy Approval.
• All repairs must be completed within 30 days of the first inspection.
• The unit must be in move-in condition as determined by the inspector or the unit will be rejected.
• Rental assistance will not begin until the unit passes HQS and payments cannot be made retroactively.

Annual Inspection

• Conducted within 12 months of the initial or previous annual inspection.
• All repairs must be completed within 30 days.
• Payments will be abated if the unit does not pass a re-inspection within 30 days.
• Once payments are abated, they cannot be made retroactively.

Priority Inspection

• Conducted at tenant or owner request for safety or repairs at issue.
• Emergency repairs must be made within 24 hours. Non-emergency within 14 days.