Renter Applicants

Ready to apply? Visit to upload your documents. Need assistance uploading your documents? Call 2-1-1 WNY to schedule an appointment for Belmont's next ERAP uploading event.

Renters will need to provide:

 - Personal identification for all household members. Acceptable forms of identification include: A photo ID, driver license or non-driver government-issued ID, passport, EBT/Benefits Issuance Card, birth or baptismal certificate, school registration.

 - Social Security number of any household members who have been issued one. Individuals do not need to have a lawful immigration status to qualify for the program.

 - Proof of rental amount, signed lease, even if expired. If no lease is available then proof can be shown through a rent receipt, canceled check or money order. If no documentation is available, landlord attestation will be accepted.

 - Proof of residency and occupancy – Signed lease, rent receipt, utility bill, school records, bank statement, postal mail with name of applicant, insurance bill, or driver license. Proof should be current.

 - Proof of Income to document income eligibility:

 - Documents demonstrating monthly income for the prior month, such as pay stubs, bank account deposit verification, unemployment benefits letter, or other proof;


 - Documents demonstrating annual income for 2020, such as a W-2 tax form from an employer, an annual statement of earnings, or a copy of a completed income tax return, such as a 1040, 1040EZ, 1099 tax form, or other evidence of 2020 annual income.

- Self-attestation of income is permitted in certain circumstances where no documentation is available such as certain self-employment.

 - Copy of gas or electric utility bill, if applying for help paying for utility arrears at the same rental unit.

NYS has created a video to help navigate the process of applying for the program: