Central Office

1195 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14209
Fax: 716-884-8026

Central Office houses the Housing Resource Center

Niagara County Office

33 Spruce Street
North Tonawanda, NY 14120
Fax: 716-213-2787


Normal business hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The Central office is open extended hours on Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

All Belmont offices are closed for the following holidays: New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving (Thursday and Friday), Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year's Eve.

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Staff Directory

Last Name First Name Email Position Phone Extension
Andolino Cheryl candolino@belmonthousingwny.org SR HOUSING PROGRAMS MANAGER 172
Augustyniak Lynn laugustyniak@belmonthousingwny.org HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER 164
Ballard Maria mballard@belmonthousingwny.org INSPECTOR
Barker Stephanie sbarker@belmonthousingwny.org HOUSING SPECIALIST 240
Basil George gbasil@belmonthousingwny.org MAINTENANCE ASSISTANT
Becker Sandra sbecker@belmonthousingwny.org SR HOUSING PROGRAMS MANAGER 114
Berger Pamela pberger@belmonthousingwny.org VP PROPERTY OPERATIONS 117
Bianchi Jill jbianchi@belmonthousingwny.org HOUSING PROGRAMS MANAGER 189
Bolden Russell rbolden@belmonthousingwny.org MAINTENANCE ASSISTANT
Bradberry Joseph jbradberry@belmonthousingwny.org INSPECTOR
Braun Keith kbraun@belmonthousingwny.org SR. REHAB SPECIALIST 176
Braunscheidel Deanna dbraunscheidel@belmonthousingwny.org HOUSING SPECIALIST 241
Budziszewski Misty mbudziszewski@belmonthousingwny.org HOUSING SPECIALIST 247
Cameron Glen gcameron@belmonthousingwny.org MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN
Casseus Tracey tcasseus@belmonthousingresourceswny.org HOUSING SPECIALIST 198
Cinelli Neal nealcinelli@belmonthousingwny.org MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN
Cinelli Nicholas ncinelli@belmonthousingwny.org SR MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN 162
Civisca Michael mcivisca@belmonthousingwny.org REHABILITATION SPECIALIST 163
Clayton Michael mclayton@belmonthousingwny.org HOUSING PROGRAMS MANAGER 199
Collins Melissa mcollins@belmonthousingwny.org SITE MANAGER 335
Congdon Lawrence lcongdon@belmonthousingwny.org ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 188
Cooper Erica ecooper@belmonthousingwny.org ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 125
Corbin James jcorbin256@yahoo.com MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN
Damon Ardis Lorraine adamon@belmonthousingwny.org HOUSING PROGRAMS MANAGER 159
Darcangelo Smita sdarcangelo@belmonthousingwny.org EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT 134
Day Bryan bday@belmonthousingwny.org HOUSING SPECIALIST 136
DeGroot Michael mdegroot@belmonthousingwny.org REHABILITATION SPECIALIST 109
Delregno Christopher cdelregno@belmonthousingwny.org NETWORK ADMINISTRATOR 104
Dick Mylisa mylisa@belmonthousingwny.org FSS COORDINATOR 126
Dilbert Marcus mdilbert@belmonthousingwny.org MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN
Dio Kay kdio@belmonthousingwny.org SITE MANAGER 332
Downie Charles cdownie@belmonthousingwny.org INSPECTOR
Fernandez Rosa rfernandez@belmonthousingwny.org HOUSING COUNSELOR 160
Fisher Joseph jfisher@belmonthousingwny.org REHAB SPECIALIST 138
Flaherty Terri Tflaherty@belmonthousingwny.org HOUSING PROGRAMS MANAGER 116
Galloway Wayne wgalloway@belmonthousingwny.org REHAB SPECIALIST 111
Germano Brittany BKucala@belmonthousingwny.org HOUSING SPECIALIST 128
Gill Steven sgill@belmonthousingwny.org MAINTENANCE ASSISTANT
Giunta Anthony agiunta@belmonthousingwny.org INSPECTOR
Goodloe Ursula uyl@belmonthousingwny.org PROPERTY MANAGER 166
Gorzynski Dina dgorzynski@belmonthousingwny.org HOUSING SPECIALIST 133
Gravell Katelyn kgravell@belmonthousingwny.org HOUSING SPECIALIST 156
Gregory Melinda mgregory@belmonthousingwny.org RESIDENT SERVICE COORDINATOR 341
Groves Tracie tgroves@belmonthousingwny.org HOME OWNERSHIP COUNSELOR 131
Hanssel Daniel dhanseel@belmonthousingwny.org LANDLORD RELATIONS SPECIALIST 129
Hausknecht-Yetman Karyn khausknecht@belmonthousingwny.org HOUSING PROGRAMS MANAGER 100
Heim Diane dheim@belmonthousingwny.org PROPERTY MANAGEMENT ASSISTANT 127
Hejmowski Aaron ahejmowski@belmonthousingwny.org CFO 120
Henderson Timothy thenderson@belmonthousingwny.org HOUSING SPECIALIST 196
Hoelcle John jhoecle@belmonthousingwny.org MAINTENANCE CUSTODIAN
Holmik Carol cholmik@belmonthousingwny.org SR HOUSING SPECIALIST 250
Houseman Kelly khouseman@belmonthousingwny.org HUMAN RESOURCES ASST 148
Howard Domonica dhoward@belmonthousingwny.org REHAB SPECIALIST 152
Jackson Pamela pjackson@belmonthousingwny.org HOUSING COUNSELOR 121
Jacobi Jedediah jjacobi@belmonthousingwny.org CONTROLLER 139
Jagord Lawrence ljagord@belmonthousingwny.org MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN
Johnson Cynthia cjohnson@belmonthousingwny.org SITE MANAGER 334
Kowalczyk Jessica Jkowalczyk@belmonthousingwny.org ACCOUNTING CLERK 173
Kratt Jeanne jkratt@belmonthousingwny.org RESIDENT SERVICE COORDINATOR 337
Kwoka Jennifer jkwoka@belmonthousingwny.org HOUSING SPECIALIST 165
Laa-Deng Niveen ndeng@belmonthousingwny.org SITE MANAGER 316
Laczi Erica elaczi@belmonthousingwny.org PROJECT MANAGER 197
Lanier Alice alanier@belmonthousingwny.org RECEPTIONIST 101
Lipsius Cynthia clipsius@belmonthousingwny.org ELIGIBILITY SPECIALIST 255
Londner Gail glondner@belmonthousingwny.org HOUSING COUNSELOR 167
Lord Mary mlord@belmonthousingwny.org FSS COORDINATOR 171
Love Sandra slove@belmonthousingwny.org REHAB LOAN SPECIALIST 135
Macchia Joe jmacchia@belmonthousingwny.org RESIDENT SERVICE COORDINATOR 338
Maggiolo Carlos cmaggiolo@belmonthousingwny.org MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN
Manon-Lesniak Vanessa vmanon@belmonthousingwny.org HOUSING PROGRAMS MANAGER 106
Marchese Melody mmarchese@belmonthousingwny.org HOME OWNERSHIP COUNSELOR 105
Marrero Jaime jmarrero@belmonthousingwny.org SITE MANAGER 331
Masterman Michael mike_masterman@yahoo.com MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN
McCabe Jesse jmccabe@belmonthousingwny.org INSPECTOR
McCoy Patricia pmccoy@belmonthousingwny.org SR HOUSING SPECIALIST 251
Mendez Suzette smendez@belmonthousingwny.org ASSISTANT CONTROLLER 153
Minkiewicz Donna dminkiewicz@belmonthousingwny.org ACCOUNTING CLERK 115
Miszuk Kristin kbeaver@belmonthousingwny.org SR. HOUSING SPECIALIST 140
Nirelli Matthew mnirelli@belmonthousingwny.org RESIDENT SERVICE COORDINATOR 339
ONeill Kevin koneill@belmonthousingwny.org MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN
Packard Brad bpackard@belmonthousingwny.
Peters Kathy kpeters@belmonthousingwny.org SITE MANAGER 333
Poudy Irina i.poudy@belmonthousingwny.org CONTROLLER 137
Pratts Carlos cpratts@belmonthousingwny.org MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN
Ray Colden cray@belmonthousingwny.org FORECLOSURE PREVENTION HOME C 168
Riegel Michael mriegel@belmonthousingwny.org PRESIDENT 154
Rivera Michael mrivera@belmonthousingwny.org FSS COUNSELOR 112
Roberts Linda LAR@BelmontHousingWNY.org SITE MANAGER 340
Rodriguez Javier JRodriguez@belmonthousingwny.org MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN
Rogowsky Michele mrogowsky@belmonthousingwny.org COMPLIANCE SPECIALIST 151
Ruiz Ilene iruiz@belmonthousingwny.org ELIGIBILITY SPECIALIST 170
Salviski Maria msalviski@belmonthousingwny.org SITE MANAGER 329
Sarkar Preeta psarkar@belmonthousingwny.org OFFICE CLERK
Schiffman Eric eschiffman@belmonthousingwny.org SR HOUSING REHAB PROGRAM MANA 157
Scott Judith jscott@belmonthousingwny.org PROJECT MANAGER 110
Singleton Sabrina ssingleton@belmonthousingwny.org HOUSING SPECIALIST 122
Smith Kyla ksmith@belmonthousingwny.org FSS COORDINATOR 161
Stoudmire Jesse jstoudmire@belmonthousingwny.org MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN
Syracuse Joseph jsyracuse@belmonthousingwny.org REHAB SPECIALIST 169
Taggart Jr Arthur ataggart@belmonthousingwny.org FSS COORDINATOR 123
Talib Aseelah atalib@belmonthousingwny.org SCHEDULING COORDINATOR 119
Todd Stephen stodd@belmonthousingwny.org HOUSING COUNSELOR 175
Vecchio Daniel DVecchio@belmonthousingwny.org HOUSING SPECIALIST 130
Vermeer Tina cvermeer@belmonthousingwny.org ELIGIBILITY SPECIALIST 253
Washington Joe jwashington@belmonthousingwny.org MAINTENANCE ASSISTANT
Wilton Amanda awilton@belmonthousingwny.org HOUSING CASE MANAGER 124
Workman Geneva gworkman@belmonthousingwny.org SR. HOUSING SPECIALIST 108
Wright Schellen sgravell@belmonthousingwny.org HOUSING SPECIALIST 147
Young Kenny kyoung@belmonthousingwny.org MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN
Zaharchuk Elizabeth ezaharchuk@belmonthousingwny.org ACCOUNTING CLERK 150

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